Grow Business

No two businesses in the world are identical, even though they are producing a similar type of product. If you look closely, each business set-up is unique like our fingerprints.The financial set-up (debt-equity ratio), team set-up, team mindsets, the motto behind the business, customer relationship, after-sale service, business policy, profit-loss statement, etc. All these aspects together make a business unique.You might have noticed, out of four or five similar-looking businesses, only one is making a decent profit. Even one or two might be making a loss.In this Business section, you will get insightful content on several aspects of the business. Why does one business thrive and the other only survive. What is the reason behind the business failure? It’s not that only start-ups fail, but even the big players fail in business. How to avoid that? Which strategy to adapt to grow your business?

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