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We all know the inequality of wealth distribution in the world. A very tiny percentage of people have massive wealth like only 1.7 % people own 97% of the world’s wealth.Basically, there are three categories of people on the richness scale, highly rich (10 %), middle class (70 %), and poor (20%). One very peculiar phenomenon is this bracket remains the same year on year and generation after generation.Do you ever think about the reason behind this? Is it generic or is there any scientific logic behind this? Study shows that once phenomenon is same for years together, then there must be strong logic behind it. Yes, there is a strong scientific reason behind your financial condition, which is again linked to your mind.Some people say, “I am happy and money is not a priority in my life”. To be frank, either such people are too rich or completely broke as happiness cannot pay your electricity bill. Can it?In this section, you will find the content related to money & wealth. Money is one of the most important aspects of life, which nobody can ignore as it affects several other dimensions of life. You can understand & implement various insightful & scientific based content in your life from here.

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