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Sometimes only one quote is enough to bring back your life on track. Here you will find some of the best quotes, associated with the various important aspects of life. Quotes related to success…Quotes related to Mind….Quotes related to Money….Quotes related to Leadership…Quotes related to Business, etc.Reading quotes is one thing and internalizing them is totally different. You can understand this with the below examples -#Quote1: “A disciplined mind brings happiness.”- BuddhaIf someone remains in an unhappy state of mind & desperate to change his or her mental state as happy, then self-discipline plays a vital role in this transition.#Quote2: “Never depend on a single income. Make an investment to create a second source.”- Warren BuffettWith a single income, it is very difficult to get financial freedom. One must make an investment i.e. allowing his or her money to earn money for them. One must always focus on increasing one’s source of income.

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