Do you know how your mind works? What is the power of your mind? There are only 1-2 % of people around the world, which can answer these questions. Having doubt! Just try to get the answer, you will realize it.You might have realized this several times that you want something but within yourself, some other voice is not in agreement. Like you want to start your business but that voice is saying ‘do not start as it may fail’. That inner voice also provides supporting evidence by reminding you, all the business failures happening all around.These failures might have happened in the family, in the friend circle, in society, in the state, in the country, and around the words. The inner voice is keeping track of all such news of business failure.So is it the end of your business dream or any other such aspiration! Don’t you want to understand about this inner voice, which is usually against the most of your goals? How is it works? From where it gets the input to feed to you? Can we change these inputs and bring this inner voice in our favour?What will happen when you and your inner voice work together?Another aspect is the body healing. What is the role of our mind to heal our body? Does it really play any role? If yes, then how? What is the logic and science behind this?This section will bring a high level of clarity about the power of your mind. The data is based on several scientific studies, research, and outstanding books by various outstanding writers in this field.

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